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Class placement is at the sole discretion of the instructor.  Changes can be made throughout the year, depending on the progress of a student. No one can join or transfer into a class without teacher permission.

Students who study dance throughout the year get the most technique and make the most progress in dance.


We do not refund tuition or make adjustments for any missed classes.  


Make up classes are available, but must be used within 30 days of your missed class.  Dancer’s must take a make-up class within their age and level.  There will be no make-up classes for Company.

Missed Class/Make-Up Policy

We follow Douglas county school district for all snow closures. If they cancel after school activities, we will be closed. Check the website and social media to keep up to date. 

Snow Closures

There is a 10% sibling discount off of tuition only.

Sibling Discount

Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms after scheduled class time has begun. You may be invited in the last five minutes to watch at teacher’s discretion. NO EXCEPTIONS.


All shoes/bags/messages/early pick-ups must be arranged with child and/or instructor BEFORE class begins.


No waving, signaling or correcting your child from the windows. It is distracting and hinders all students’ learning. 

Parent Viewing

When you drop your child off at our studio please be sure they have safely entered the building before you leave.


After a dancers’ scheduled class ends they must be picked up promptly.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

When you are attending class, turn off your cell phone/apple watch and leave it in your dance bag.


Please keep in mind that BDA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Cell Phones and Smart Watches

We require 30-day written notice in order to cancel tuition and/or withdraw a dancer from any class. Once notification is received you will be charged for your last month. There are no exceptions to this policy.


If there are fewer than three kids enrolled in a class then the class will be automatically cancelled. We will give you a 30-day notice of cancellation and will do our best to find another class for your dancer.

Cancelation Policy

​If you wish to add or drop a class from your schedule, you must notify us in writing via email.


If the class you’re adding is not full you may begin attending once you’ve completed registration for that class.


We require a 30-day written notice to drop a class. You will be billed for the class for 30 days after the date we receive notification in writing,


Refunds: There are no refunds. Once you have registered for a particular class, we are holding a place in that class for your child. We do not bill by the class, only by the month.

Drop/Adding Classes

Please avoid interrupting the teachers and choreographers during classes.


If any issues arise throughout the year, please schedule an appointment with the BDA director and the instructor to resolve the matter as soon as possible.


See the front desk to schedule this appointment.

Issues/Meetings Policy

It is imperative that you check your emails for information and updates. It is your responsibility to keep informed.


You should also follow us on social media.


No chewing gum during class.


No food or drink in the dance rooms except for water.

Food and Drink

Dress Code



Forms and Documents




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